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How all began:

 Dr. Sandow, the owner of the Wendlohe estate, convinced Mr. Trautmann with his idea of founding a golf course on his property.

Oktober 1964: An announcement for potentential members was published in the newspapers. The resulting enquiries were answered with a first newsletter.

December 9th, 1964: A founding meeting took place in the house of Eduard Brinkama.

December 22nd, 1964: The Golf Club Hamburg Wendlohe was registered at the Hamburg district court.

Januar 1965: First events with other interested parties took place.

March 1965: Sending a newsletter in which it was announced that the club now has 50 members with the view to reach 100 by autumn of the year. This would be the minimum number of members required to start construction of the course.

January 28th, 1966: The building permission for the construction of the first nine holes was given. The first all-purpose hut, self-constructed by the members, was built.

Beginning 1967: The first provisional clubhouse was constructed.

July 1967: The grounds of today’s clubhouse area (10,000 sqm) was acquired. The resettlement of the provisional club house took place.

End 1968: The number of members has risen to 200 people. Playing golf on the frist nine holes could start.

November 25th, 1968: A meeting was held to decide whether the construction of the second nine holes or the construction of a new club house should be given priority. To win new members the decision was made in favour of the club house.

September 26th, 1969: The foundation stone was laid for the new clubhouse.

September 18th, 1970: Official opening of the first nine holes and inauguration of the clubhouse.

End of 1971: Earthworks for six new holes.

Beginning of 1972: The six new holes were integrated into the gaming operations. Now the golf course had 15 holes available. Construction of three further holes was under way.

May 30th, 1972: In a fire the old farmyard and a large part of the machine park were destroyed.

End of 1972: The number of members has risen to 460 people.

1973: Expansion of the solid caddy house (first constructed in 1971), construction of the new farmyard.

Middle of 1973: Earthworks on the last three holes were finished giving the club a complete 18 hole course for he first time.

1976: Construction of an automatic irrigation system.

1983: Commitment from the estate Wendlohe to lease 26 hectares of additional land for the expansion to 27 holes.

November 8th, 1983: The only 13 year old club house was destroyed in a fire.

February 22nd, 1984: The submitted plans for the new club house were approved by the General Meeting.

April 1984: Building permission for reconstruction of the club house was granted.

March, 29th 1985: Official inauguration of the new clubhouse.

October 1986: The district administrator of the county of Segeberg approved the extension of the golf course to 27 holes.

1987: Venue of the PGA Ladies German Open

May 25th, 1988: The General Meeting decided to acquire the entire golf course site offered by the Wendlohe estate.

May 7th, 1989: In an internal club event the last 9 holes (C-Course), expanding the club to 27 holes, were handed over.

1992: Venue of the Audi Open - PGA European Challenge Tour.

1993: Again venue of the Audi Open - PGA European Challenge Tour.

1995: The greenkeepers depot was built with workshop, staff and storage rooms.

1996: Construction of the tee-off huts (12 covered boxes) on the driving range as well as the caddy hall with pro shop and indoor facility.

1999: Construction of the kitchen patio, renewing of the kitchen, renovation of the club house and redesign of the terrace.

2000: Renovation of the secretary’s office. Venue of the Günther Hamburg Classics (PGA Challenge Tour tournament).

2001: Deforestation of the old poplars around the clubhouse. Expansion of the parking lot. Planting of new trees including an alley of elms on the access road from Oldesloer Straße.

2003: Renovation of the ladies' and men's dressing rooms. Expansion of the greenkeepers depot.

Summer 2004: Large celebration of the club’s 40th anniversary took place over several days with a total of more than 500 members.

2004/2005: Complete renovation of the greens and redesign of 5 holes on the C-Course.

March 21, 2006: The Annual General Meeting decides to redesign the A- / B-Course (sprinkler system, greens, general redesign of some holes).

June 30th, 2007: Reopening of the A- / B-course and hand-over to the members during the summer festival.

April 2013: The Annual General Meeting adopts an major investment programme for the areas of clubhouse, driving range, short game area and caddy hall.

April 2014: The investment projects and renovations were completed.

July 2014: Venue of the 76th International Men’s Amateur Championship (IAM) of Germany.

August 2014: The Golf-Club Hamburg Wendlohe is celebrating its 50th anniversary.